A uzer-centric identity for a digital training innovator.


Reuzer is a game-changing dynamic digital training creator, serving the safety-critical sector. The Reuzer Platform is the hub – it hosts a wealth of e-learning course content and facilitates easy management and reporting of its clients’ professional training and certificates.

Reuzer brand statement

The inspiration

We immediately understood that our client had significant ambition to disrupt the market. Founder, Ian Smith, has spent well over a decade witnessing how the industry works and observing how things could be improved upon – for the benefit of everyone – the client, the users and the planet.

Reuzer icons

The idea

Reuzer is a technology company and, ultimately, the platform is ‘the product’. However, Reuzer exists for the benefit of people. It’s all about people – their safety, wellbeing and development.

The idea of putting the ‘uzer’ at the heart of the brand reflects Reuzer’s bold ambitions to challenge the industry norm and to ultimately do things better.

Reuzer graphics
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Reuzer advert
Reuzer website
Reuzer website

The bespoke icon suite, designed for the Reuzer Platform, echoes the core brand logo.

Reuzer brand icon suite
Reuzer platform dashboard

Reuzer values

The Reuzer brand values play a primary role in pitch decks and online. As such, we introduced a range of brand illustrations to work alongside the suite of iconography and to support key messaging.

Reuzer sustainability pledge

Reuzer exists for the benefit of people – their safety, wellbeing and development. The ultimate ‘uzer experience’.

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Reuzer brand merchandise

‘It’s without doubt that our brand, both visually and verbally, has vastly accelerated Reuzer’s journey so far.’

Ian Smith, Founder, Reuzer

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