A love for our landscape and language.

Sop ~ Scents of place

Sop ~ Scents of place is a Norfolk-made bodycare and fragrance brand – creating bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and soon-to-launch bath salts, candles and room diffusers.

Sop is founded by Fiona Burrage, creative director of lifestyle brand Nor–Folk, photographer and, of course, co-director of our own branding studio, The Click. 

With Sop being another self-initiated venture, our role was both the creative team and the client – led by Fiona to realise her vision for the brand. The project included naming, visual identity, packaging design and writing.

Sop River Thurne, Norfolk

The inspiration

The idea to create the brand in the first instance was conceived by Fiona’s desire to offer bespoke bodycare products to her guests at the Water Cabin – a place to stay in the heart of the Broads National Park.

Sop’s brand identity is inspired by the Norfolk landscape and language – both visually and verbally. The brand name, the product names and respective descriptions along with the wider visual identity have all been influenced by Norfolk as a place.

Sop ~ Scents of place brand logo
Sop Dene Bodywash
Sop ~ Dene ~ sandy stretch of coast.
Sop ~ Winterton beach
Sop ~ Beck ~ small stream
Sop ~ Beck ~ small stream

The idea

The name came first – a playful twist on the popular saying ‘a sense of place’. By changing this to ‘Scents of place’ we encapsulated the product range (all of which comprise beautifully crafted scents) and capture the original inspiration (the wonderful place of Norfolk).

Sop ~ Scents of place tells its story through the products it creates and the way they are intrinsically tied back to the landscape and language that inspires them.

Sop ~ Loke ~ Conditioner
Sop ~ Grapefruit
Sop ~ Eucalyptus
Sop ~ Beck ~ Handwash

Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.

Vladimir Naboko

Sop ~ Scents of place 250ml bottles
Sop ~ Scents of place ~ Sunflower seeds
Sop ~ Scents of place ~ Wildflower seeds

Sop also has a small range of seeds – some of which are included for free on customer orders – encouraging the planting of wildflowers and sunflowers. We commissioned local Norfolk artist, Ruth Howes, to create the illustrations.

Sop Wildflower illustration by Ruth Howes
Sop ~ Scents of place ~ Washbag and bodycare products
Sop packaging box
Sop packaging box detail

Sustainability is of paramount importance to Sop – every detail is carefully considered. The shipping boxes and bags are fully biodegradable and made from recycled sources.

The decision to use aluminium bottles was based on much research and consulting with a number of environmentalists. Whilst we sourced some good recyclable plastic options we discovered aluminium to be not only easier to recycle but infinitely recyclable. Plastic pump dispensers are sold separately to facilitate easier but also multiple use.

Everything is made, bottled, printed and fulfilled in Norfolk – the majority of it within 5 miles of our home in Norwich – made by Norfolk people.

Sop Box lids
Sop tote bag

Fiona isn’t herself originally from Norfolk but does have a regional accent (Essex) and knows all too well the stereotypes and perceptions that are often associated with local accents and dialect. In the globalised generation that we all live, it was her vision to create a brand that celebrates what makes it unique.

This celebration comes in many forms – by embracing local dialect and words, photographing humble botanicals as sculptural art forms and in turn capturing the real essence of place.

Sop Travel bag and 50ml bottles

‘My aim is for Sop to be a celebration of everything it stands for and all that it’s inspired by – from the regional dialect to the natural environment.’

Fiona Burrage, Founder, Sop.

Sop ~ Scents of place lifestyle

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Photography by Fiona Burrage.